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What we do


Our Services That We Provide

The Corporate Strategic Plan of Superior Group Inc. sets the framework for priorities, initiatives and compliances to international standards in the field of landscaping and ground maintenance, within the confines and premise to deliver the best quality services. Designed to support emerging strategic issues, our aim is to configure and maintain an economic and professional approach for developing and implementing the highest quality landscaping and ground maintenance work to enhance our natural resources.

Sporting Facility & Venue Maintenance


Superior Group Inc. offers facilities management services for all types of sporting arenas and venues.

From football stadiums and recreational grounds to sports centres and grounds, we provide essential and sustainable facilities management support to keep the asset in premium condition. With years of experience, our team will make certain that your arena or venue will be well-managed and maintained
ensuring the site is always a safe, cleaning and appealing environment to work in or to visit.
We have delivered our services to a number of businesses, organisations and Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in order to ensure all their required building maintenance needs are dealt with in a timely and efficient manner. Some of our popular hard and soft services include, but are not limited to:

  • Building Fabric Maintenance
  • Planned, Preventative Maintenance
  • Emergency and Reactive Maintenance
  • Commercial Cleaning Services
  • Security Services
  • Grounds Maintenance and Landscaping
  • Waste Management Services

General Construction & Development


At Superior Group Inc. one of our beliefs is helping to create a better world through projects that transform. As a company dedicated to quality, safety and delivery we aim to instill a sense of confidence in our clients during the process of planning, design, execution and construction stage of any project. No
matter the size, from Residential to Commercial to Industrial, Superior is a partner that will be there at
all stages making sure to uphold an uncompromised level of quality throughout the completion of the
project. Our range of services include:

  • Emergency Services
  • Pre-construction
  • Design and Estimating
  • Design/Build
  • Construction Management
  • Construction Services
  • Office Build-outs, Renovation and Expansion
  • Re modelling
  • Building
  • Sustainability
  • Upgrades
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical
  • Solar Capture & LED
  • Lighting Systems
  • Swimming Pool
  • Construction
  • Glassworks
  • CCTV & Camera Systems

Commercial & Residential Landscaping


Not only does Superior Group Inc. install and treat your landscape, but we can help you manage your
landscape’s growth to see its full potential and realize the maximum return on your investment.

Our landscape management practices include the following services:

• Landscape Design &Turf/Sod Installation
• Sod and Plant Healthcare Programs
• Landscape/Turf Management & Maintainence
• Complete Turf Renovation & Mowing
• Power or Drop Seeding
• Mulch Installation
• Landscape Bed Edging & Weed Removal
• Seasonal Color Installation
• Leaf Removal
• Aerification
• Dethatching
• Irrigation
• Water Features

Our Consultancy Propel

With 30 years combined experience in branding, communications, public relations, marketing and strategy development, Propel has a proven track record in organizational transformation and increasing value and

Basic Company Services
• Leading short and long term strategy planning sessions to develop organizational direction
• Conducting 360 marketing strategies & communications plans
– Conducting brand audits
– Establishing clear brand guidelines and personality, linked to strategic goals
– Creating digital and social media strategies
Media launches
• Large event management
• Drafting and editing press releases and public communications
• Domestic & international media management
• Team building exercises
• Employee assessments and motivation
• Female leadership and empowerment seminars & forums
• Supporting project planning and management in all industries
• English-Spanish documentation & coordination
• Executive skills development and training – personal brand management, leadership skills, strategic
thinking, media interviews and interaction.

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